How to reset cPanel password

If you are not able to login to your cPanel, here is the instruction on how to reset your cPanel password. Please follow this instruction. Click on Reset Password. If you don’t know which is your cPanel URL then use

Step 2 : Please use your cPanel username. Which you received from your hosting provider or CMSNBD .

Step 3 : After confirming cPanel username then you have verify your hosting ownership. Please input email address. Which you used during the purchase hosting service. You will get there hints . Which email you used.

Step 4 : After confirming your email address CMSNBD service will be send you an security code to your email . Please copy it and paste here –

Step 5: When you will confirm that code then you are able to input your password. Please don’t use a common password. Try a combination of special characters, number,s, and upper case charectes.

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