How to add CMSN Hosting Nameservers

If you want to connect your domain with CMSN Hosting then you to change domain nameservers. When you will purchase hosting you will get a hosting account details mail from CMSNBD. Sometimes the email goes to the spam folder. Please check your spam folder to get CMSN Hosting nameserver’s details.

What is CMSN Hosting nameservers ?

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How to change nameservers in CMSN Hosting

If you purchased a domain from CMSNBD then you will be received default nameservers. If not then login to your dashboard and click on domain. Then you will see their manage nameservers.

Click on Manage Nameservers and you will see nameservers fields. There will be default nameservers. If you want to use another hosting provider nameserver then click on Use custom nameservers and add their nameserver.

How to add CMSN Hosting nameserver for others domain registers

If you purchased domain from others domain registers company and brought hosting from CMSNBD then follow this guideline.

  • Login to their clients area
  • Click on Domain
  • Go to manage domain or manage nameservers
  • Then put CMSN Hosting nameserver

How to check domain connected with web hosting

If you change / add hosting nameserver into your domain how to make sure your domain connected with that hosting or not. There is a simple way to check out .

From Your PC / Computer click the Windows button + R or go running and open command prompts. Type ping < space > . If you see a ping back from your hosting cPanel IP then your domain connected with hosting.

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